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Serving Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange County
Did You Know?
"Training on local health codes can help you avoid heavy fines by the county and eliminate the risk of a foodborne illness outbreak."
"The #1 way to transfer harmful bacteria is by person-to-person contact; routine training on proper food handling practices lessens the risk."
"Properly training staff on food safety and quality control will reduce the amount of dollars wasted on spoiled or contaminated food."
protek food

Protek Food

Protecting Clients and Brands through Systematic Health and Food Safety Inspection

Your customers and guests expect a consistent dining experience, one of exceptional cleanliness, health and food safety. This has become more prominent with more knowledgeable guests and an increase in media coverage regarding food safety; more recently with the addition of Local Health Department results listed alongside Yelp reviews.

Not living up to these standards affects guest loyalty, your brand, and more significantly the health and well being of your customers. With Protek Food's services, you will have the peace of mind that your food facility is going above and beyond to ensure your reputation and guests aren't in jeopardy.

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